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The Avalanche Development Kit allows developers to quickly prototype for the lowest power mid-range FPGA platform in the market. At the heart of the kit is a 300k LE (logic element) PolarFire™ non-volatile FPGA from Microsemi.

The Avalanche Kit is loaded with several key components including the Panasonic WIFI module PAN9320, Microchip 64Mb of Serial Flash, Alliance 4Gb DDR3 Synchronous DRAM, Microsemi VSC8531 Gigabit Ethernet PHY, Embedded FlashPro5, USB2 UART and programming for the PolarFire FPGA. In addition, there is a Microchip 6-channel, Delta Sigma Analog to Digital Converter, Halo Power Inductor and Fast Jack.

Coupled with the PolarFire FPGA are 3 industry-leading interface standards to enabling engineers to implement virtually any design they can imagine, Sullins Arduino™ compatible shield, mikroBUS™ socket, and Pmod connector/Interface.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of peripherals that can be connected to the Avalanche Kit.




PolarFire’s Best in Class Capabilities

  • Lowest power
  • Cost optimized 12.76G SERDES-based FPGA
  • Lowest cost DDR4 and high-speed I/O solutions
  • Smallest form factors
    - 11 x 11mm 100KLE
    - 11 x 14.5mm 200KLE
    - 16 x 16mm 300KLE
  • Built-in cryptographic processor
  • SEU immune fabric
  • Non-volatile, instant on
  • 2-5x more 3.3V I/O


Oder your AVMPF300TS-00 board today!