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Our 74AUP1Txx logic family provides solutions that integrate voltage level translation with a Boolean function. 74AUP1Txx types are single 2.3 V to 3.6 V supply general-purpose voltage translating devices. Our 74AUP1Txx family is currently composed of ten logic functions including buffers, inverters and gates (AND, OR, NAND, NOR, EXCLUSIVE-OR, EXCLUSIVE-NOR).

Our 74AUPTxx family achieves single-supply translation through the use of low-threshold and over-voltage protected inputs. The output level is always referenced to VCC which can range from 2.3 V to 3.6 V. For VCC = 2.5 V, input logic signals for 1.8 V is valid. For VCC = 3.3 V, input logic signals for 1.8 V and above are valid. This wide VCC range allows the interconnection between most logic level signals. 4 mA output drive provides a balance between drive current and reductions in line reflections, overshoot and undershoot.



Key Features
  • 2.3 V to 3.6 V supply voltage range
  • Up and down translation possible
  • IOFF circuitry for partial power-down operation
  • Schmitt-trigger inputs
  • Overvoltage tolerant inputs
  • Up to 50 MHz operation at 3.3 V
  • Low static power use
  • Partial power down mode support
  • Integration of logic function with translation saves device count and PCB space
  • Footprint-compatible with existing non-translating devices
  • Available in smallest package for use without step-down mask (X2SON5)
  • Portable devices
  • Industrial controllers
  • Servers, PC & Notebooks
  • Automotive
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