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When we bring out a new product we have targeted applications in mind. But, optoelectronic products find their way into applications we never imagined. Vishay’s broad Opto portfolio allows you to explore applications that sense, protect, power, and measure. Here is a small sample of some Opto seeds. Plant your own. What grows is totally up to you.

Lighting Control
Ambient Light Sensors
VEML6030 • VEML7700

PIN Photodiodes
VEMD5110X01 • VEMD6110X01

Turning Knobs
TCUT1350X01 • TCUT1630X01

Consumer Goods
Object Detection
VCNL36687S • VCNL4030X01

Motion Control
Gesture Sensor
VCNL4035X01 • VSMY2940RGX01

Security Camera
Nighttime Illumination
VSMY98545DS • VSMY98545ADS

Solenoid Valves
Isolation + Switching
IL4108 • VOM3052


New Product Introduction


Pulse Oximetry
LEDs and Photodiodes
VLMTG1400 • VEMD8080

Electric Vehicles
Creepage ≥ 5 mm




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