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Nexperia has developed the Clip-bonded FlatPower (CFP) package for a portfolio of Schottky rectifiers to help designers to implement efficient and space-saving designs in automotive, industrial, computing and consumer electronics applications.

High-power rectifiers in the CFP package style offer a superior alternative to the standard SMA package, and provide better thermal performance. The Nexperia portfolio of CFP rectifiers includes high-efficiency trench rectifiers featuring a combination of low forward voltage and low reverse current, even at high ambient temperatures. These devices are for applications fitting these specifications:

  • 40V to 60V maximum reverse voltage
  • 1A to 15A maximum forward current

Functions for which these devices are well suited include polarity and back drive protection, and blocking and ORing.

Nexperia also offers a group of low-leakage CFP planar rectifiers which offer ultra-low reverse current. They provide very good protection against the risk of thermal runaway. The specifications include:

  • 60V to 100V maximum reverse voltage
  • 1A to 10A maximum forward current

They are well suited to DC-DC boost conversion in automotive applications.

The Nexperia rectifiers, in forward voltage ratings ranging from 30V to 100V, are available in:

  • CFP3 package measuring 2.6mm x 1.7mm x 1.0mm
  • CFP5 package measuring 3.8mm x 2.5mm x 1.0m
  • CFP15 package measuring 5.8mm x 4.3mm x 0.8mm


Nexperia Schottky rectifiers: Three CFP package options


  • 175°C maximum junction temperature
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • CFP package features:
    • Solid copper clip for high thermal performance and power dissipation
    • Reduced package inductance for improved switching behaviour
    • Innovative silicon and reduced package resistance for better electrical performance
  • High-temperature automotive applications
  • Transmission units
  • Engine control units
  • Automotive LED lighting
  • LED display backlighting
  • Powertrain systems in hybrid vehicles


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